Coffee table - Three trays - Ego
Coffee table - Three trays - Ego
Coffee table - Three trays - Ego
Coffee table - Three trays - Ego
Coffee table - Three trays - Ego

Coffee table - Three trays - Ego

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The Ego coffee table embodies the very essence of contemporary minimalism, offering a striking aesthetic that seduces with its simplicity and timeless elegance.

The base of the table is made with remarkable attention to detail. Made of steel, it is lacquered in a matt black RAL 9005, giving the table a modern and sophisticated look. The matt black brings a touch of sobriety and mystery to the whole, thus creating a subtle contrast with the top to highlight its beauty.

The table top is a choice between two exceptional materials, each adding a unique dimension to the whole. The first option is high-quality ceramic, carefully selected for its durability and refined appearance. Ceramic offers a smooth and elegant surface that is scratch resistant and easy to maintain, making it an ideal choice for everyday use.

The second option is a concrete coating, bringing a touch of texture and authenticity to the table. The concrete coating creates a slightly raw and organic surface, adding a note of industrial character to the whole. It's a bold option for those who enjoy mixing styles and looking to introduce a touch of raw modernity into their living space.


Round tray:
Diam. 120H25/30/35
Diam. 100H25/30/35
Diam. 80H25/30/35
Diam. 60H25/30/35
Diam. 48H25/30/35

Delta board:
120x120 H25/30/35
100x100 H25/30/35
80x80 H25/30/35
60x60 H25/30/35
40x40 H25/30/35

Ellipse Tray:
175x120 H25/30/35
175x100 H25/30/35
150x100 H25/30/35
150x90 H25/30/35
130x90 H25/30/35
130x80 H25/30/35
120x70 H25/30/35
90x60 H25/30/35

Ref: 6405-032