Désirée - Comfort with a refined design

Désirée's philosophy is first and foremost to achieve, in the upholstery sector, an industrial product with guaranteed quality and appropriate comfort for different uses.

The rich collection of upholstered products includes armchairs, sofas, convertibles, beds and interior accessories.

Over the years, therefore, it has recognized the importance of a sustainable and transversal design for products and productive company systems.

The production is completely Made in Italy and in each phase of work, from the cutting of the covering to the sewing, gluing, coating and packaging, quality controls are carried out by highly qualified personnel.

All production cycles and materials used meet criteria of respect and protection of the environment.

Désirée is completely at the forefront as regards the general organization, the cycle and the manufacturing technology.

The purpose of the company's system arises from the fusion between an industrial production concept, with a strong vocation for automation, and a craftsmanship-type manufacture as far as the stages of sewing and control of the finished product are concerned.

27 products

27 products