Do you want a custom-made canopy for your interior?

The canopy is the new design that completely transforms a room.

It gives it charm, enlarges it, modernizes it...

And yes, canopies are fashionable! It's a little extra for your interior.

The brand we work with is impeccable. We have never had any complaints from our customers, they have all been satisfied!

Their canopies are of high-end French manufacture. It is a perfect technical and aesthetic solution to delimit your interior space in an elegant way.

The glass partition structures your interior and brings lightness and style.
This glazed structure has real advantages for fitting out your interiors, a certain gain in space as well as better light while preserving the privacy of each space.

If you want to install a canopy in your house or apartment, you can come to our store in Florenville with the corresponding measurements. Our interior designer will give you an estimate, as well as a plan of your future canopy. We have samples of the different colors available, you just have to make your choice! There are several types of canopy, to see in " canopy " on our site.

Here are some types in pictures:

Once the canopy has been ordered, there is a delay of approximately eight weeks before delivery. It is our fitters Julien and Alain who will come to place the glass roof in your home!

Don't hesitate any longer and make an appointment with our architect to plan your future canopy!