Coffee table - Ceramic or concrete - tanami
Coffee table - Ceramic or concrete - tanami

Coffee table - Ceramic or concrete - tanami

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The Tanami coffee table is a perfect fusion between contemporary elegance and functional versatility. With a captivating design and customizable options, it adapts with ease to any interior style, becoming a must-have for lovers of exquisite design.

The base of the table is a real work of art. Made of matt black RAL 9005 lacquered steel, it exudes an aura of modernity and sobriety. Matte black provides a refined finish, accentuating the table's understated presence in any living space.

What particularly distinguishes the Tanami coffee table is the possibility of choosing between two heights. With two options of 25cm or 35cm, you can choose the height that best suits your lifestyle and room layout. This nifty feature allows you to customize your space, while maintaining the cohesive aesthetic of the table.

The table top is equally impressive. You have the choice between two high-end materials, each bringing its own charm to the piece of furniture. The first option is a full body ceramic, 6 mm thick. Ceramic offers a surface of exceptional quality, combining durability and refined aesthetics. This option guarantees resistance to scratches and stains, making it an ideal choice for carefree daily use.


160 x 120 H25/35
150 x 90 H25/35
130 x 90 H25/35
120 x 70 H25/35
110 x 110 H25/35
90x90 H25/35

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