Murphy Bed - With Desk - Smart
Murphy Bed - With Desk - Smart

Murphy Bed - With Desk - Smart

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Discover the Premium Vertical Murphy Bed with Desk, an ideal solution for combining sleeping and working space, even when you're short on space.

In an instant, without the need to store anything, the desk folds under the bed, giving you a convenient and discreet workspace.

This retractable bed is equipped with many original fittings to make your life easier: a desk, a handle shelf, two LED spotlights with two independent switches, two integrated sockets and an interior shelf.

Opt for the modern design of the SMART bed cabinet, made in France! You can choose the headrest that suits your preferences: wood, fabric with the unique PLANET 14 finish, or PU with the unique anthracite finish.

For extra storage space, you can also add bookcases, columns and a living room table next to your Murphy bed with desk.

Take advantage of the intelligence and functionality of the Premium Vertical Murphy Bed with Desk to optimize the use of your space, whether it's for sleeping or working.

Widths (cm) with desk:
- 156 for bedding 140 x 200 cm
- 176 for bedding 160 x 200 cm
Height: 231cm
Depth: 105 cm closed/223 cm open

Ref: 7096-004