Bedding Set - Cocooning - Diamond Twin

Bedding Set - Cocooning - Diamond Twin

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Do you need to change your bed and spend restful nights?

Take advantage of our promotions* on this Diamond Twin bedding set: mattress, headboard and base.

The mattresses have two layers of comfort: a layer of latex and another of pocket springs.

The design headboard is bi-material. The interior is designed in leather while the exterior is in fabric to match the base.

Bring a very cocooning side to your bedroom with the high base and the 30 cm thick mattress.

Be the envy of your friends who will think it looks "sooo comfy and relaxing", and it really is ;)

* This promotion consists of two Diamond mattresses: one with soft comfort and one with medium comfort. No need to argue with sir ;)

Size: 90*200 (x2)

Ref: 6367-001