Mattress - Auping - Inizio
Mattress - Auping - Inizio
Mattress - Auping - Inizio

Mattress - Auping - Inizio

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The Auping Inizio mattress is an affordable choice for those who want Auping quality without breaking the bank. This plush 3-zone comfort mattress is designed to support your shoulders, waist, and hips, allowing your back to stay in a natural position throughout the night.

The asymmetrical DPPS® pocket springs of the Auping Inizio mattress provide extra elasticity and excellent support in all sleeping positions, allowing you to sleep comfortably, whatever your preferred position. In addition, the latex comfort layer and the Welcompadd® in the upper part of the mattress provide an additional feeling of comfort for an even more pleasant sleep.

  • 18cm tall
  • Available in 3 firmnesses: soft, medium or firm
  • 3 comfort zones
  • Pocket springs for a feeling of elasticity
  • Pleasantly soft latex comfort layer
  • Optional: zippable and washable ticking
  • 100% recyclable

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