Mattress - Auping - Elysium
Mattress - Auping - Elysium
Mattress - Auping - Elysium

Mattress - Auping - Elysium

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The Auping Elysium mattress is a premium choice, being fully circular and designed to give you exceptional comfort. The Harmony-pocs® comfort layer has been specially developed for the Auping Elysium, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a high quality mattress.

The choice of materials for the Auping Elysium has been meticulously considered to provide an optimal sleeping experience. We chose polyester as the main material and a Vent-tex® comfort layer for optimal ventilation. Polyester is the most suitable material for a circular mattress because it is durable and can be recycled over and over again for new use. In addition, it does not retain moisture, unlike cotton, which prevents the mattress from becoming too hot and ensures a comfortable night's sleep.

All in all, the Auping Elysium mattress is a premium choice for those looking to indulge themselves by investing in a durable and eco-friendly mattress, while enjoying optimal comfort for quality sleep.

  • 23.5cm high
  • Available in 3 firmnesses: soft, medium or firm
  • Pleasantly soft comfort
  • Breathable comfort layer
  • Zippable and washable ticking – always a fresh and clean mattress
  • The ideal mattress if you are allergic to latex
  • Choice between 4 different morphological types

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